The next job in the process of setting up the new Radio Station was… the station identity.

We scratched our heads and said what name … some very silly names and ideas at first … then we settled for Shuffle Radio Ireland. We wanted to have a strong connection to Ireland as we wanted to appeal to the Irish listener “World Wide”. Since this was going to be an ‘INTERNET’ based radio station and didn’t need traditional FM radio broadcasting and the limitation that brings, we decided the embrace the world wide benefits the internet streaming broadcast format brought to the table.

We wanted the radio station to reach out and appeal to people in Ireland and ex-pats around the world that can listed in to an easy listening, classic hits style radio station.

We also decided to not have news on the hour as this is available already from other online stations. So lets go for ‘having a bit of a laugh’ … lets have a comedy clip every hour… GREAT IDEA ! … oh…  now we need to compile and edit comedy clips… more work.

Anyway … be have the Station Name Now… lets go about creating a logo…

Next Station Identity | Shuffle Radio Ireland

Logo and Station Ident sorted July 14th 2020 –