Our next job was to build an iOS and Android radio station APP to allow users to tune in easily and quickly.  So we decided to build the APP player with as much as possible to begin with and then maybe over time strip out elements. We would launch it with lots of information and elements of the website and then if users felt it was too much then we could trim it back as opposed to just building a player into the APP only.

Once again the guys and girls at INSIGHT rolled up their sleeves  and pull all the stops out. The built the Shuffle Radio App from the ground up allowing our website (which they also built) to integrate easily with the APP player. They built it so that live information from our website (news, programme, scheduling, recent tracks, etc) would all feed into the live APP.

We built the APP to run natively on both Android and Apple iOS.

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Radio Player App.

Download our Shuffle Radio Player App and have us with you every where you go. Updates on programmes and competitions sent direct to your Smart Phone.

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Building the Radio Player App | Shuffle Radio Ireland
Building the Radio Player App | Shuffle Radio Ireland