So, after many weeks of research and looking into the best options to run the radio station live on the internet we settled for an internet live streaming hosting server that can host a large number simultaneously users at the same time. The server software we went for was CENTOVA ( as this would allow for us to broadcast 24 hours a day 7 days a week with automated playlists and jingles.

The CENTOVA server software allows for us to run an AUTO DJ system until we are ready to load in live shows from individual presenters. The CENTOVA broadcast system allows for the station to have a full fall back auto run when there is no live presenter selecting the music and tracks.

Okay … thats the server setup and now we have to go about adding the music and the format the server want to allow the track information to be displayed on different devices when playing. So each track (music file) need to have the correct META information embedded into each track. We need to insure the track Artist, The Song Title and the track album art displays where the track plays… This is a far far bigger job that we expected. We now have to edit every track one by one and prepare them for broadcast. We also need to IN and OUT of each track file to be edited to work correctly with the AUTO DJ software. We have an automated end and start next track setting … but the issue is if the track fades slowly then the next track has to wait … this can lead to the sound of the broadcast sounding like it is gone off air. We needed to get each track to fire or quickly pin the fade… so we edited each track in Adobe Addition audio editing software. Adobe Audition also allowed us to edit each track / file meta information (track – Artist – Title – Album – Album Art). This was a long long process… And we have many more track to compile one by one… The decision is made to set a number and load that many tracks for testing and then add more tracks over time.

But we are now LIVE and testing June 25th 2020.. Only us listening … 🙁